Carbon Footprint Reporting

Sustainable transport is all about efficiency and the environment.


What does Carbon Footprint Reporting entail?

Times have changed. In recent decades, it has become increasingly clear that trade and business have a shared responsibility. Our planet and the outdoors we love so much are inseparable from our destiny. After all, we are part of nature.

Each company should consider the effect it has on the environment. The Carbon Footprint has become a concept, a measure of that effect. By working sustainably, that footprint can be made as small as possible.

Carbon Footprint Reporting at Fenix

Fenix Outdoor Group wholeheartedly believes in the importance sustainability has on our world. In fact, our partner Fjällräven was named the most sustainable brand in the outdoor industry by the Sustainable Brand Index in 2020 and 2021. Our other partners also scored high in their respective industries.

We see it as our responsibility to work as sustainably as possible. Our commitment to this goes a long way. After all, our partners make products that have to be transported all over Europe and beyond. This entails that our carriers must cover many kilometres every year.

By cleverly planning and combining our shipments, we avoid unnecessary transport movements. Naturally, this has a direct relation to our effective carbon footprint. After all, fewer kilometres means less emission.

We also select our carriers on their ability to transport sustainably. On a regular basis, we receive detailed reports on all transports made. Our expert is able to analyse the reports and determine whether improvements can be made. At Fenix, sustainability is a daily goal, not a hollow concept.

Fenix Carbon Footprint Reporting and your business

This is not a goal for which Fenix is solely responsible, nor can Fenix achieve it alone. This is a joint responsibility and sharing knowledge is a crucial part of it.

Does your company want to benefit also from our knowledge and experience in sustainability? Contact our expert staff and discuss the possibilities.


We use sustainable packaging for our customers.

We can help you select the right sustainable carrier.

We can support you in making sustainable choices in all areas of the Supply Chain.

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