Inventory management

The wider the stock, the less likely you are to find what you need.


What is Inventory Management?

A modern warehouse is a dynamic organisation where experienced staff use the latest technology. They ensure that it is known at all times what goods are present and what is being shipped. There is accurate planning of when supplies are going to arrive and need to be stored. The supervisors are like spiders in a web keeping an eye on everything.

Inventory Management at Fenix

Stock movements can easily lead to confusion. It is important to keep a sharp eye on things at all times. Fenix’s warehouses are constantly monitored by expert supervisors. Any impending stock discrepancy is quickly prevented or resolved. Keeping a cool head in such a demanding and vibrant environment requires experience and nerves of steel.

Having the proper tools is half the battle, according to a well-known expression. The same applies to resources. Fenix relies on its employees and gives them the tools to do their jobs well. The supervisors know they are well armed with SCALE WMS, state-of-the-art software that bundles all elements in the supply chain in real time.

At any time, they can have reliable stock information. A mismatch can be noticed immediately. Stock discrepancies are rare but can never be completely ruled out. With SCALE WMS, these never go unnoticed for long and can be resolved quickly. This brings peace of mind and confidence to the entire chain.

Fenix Inventory Management and your business

Our partners value this precious combination of insight, knowledge and experience. You too can benefit from this. If you need extra warehouse space –temporarily or for a longer period of time– Fenix can be of service. We also take care of all the administrative tasks. Contact our expert staff for a useful discussion about efficient external stock management.


Yes, this is possible.

Through our PowerBI solutions, you can gain insight into inventory.

We apply the 5s method in our warehouses.

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