Expanded Carrier Selection

Our carriers are selected with the greatest care for durability and reliability.


What does Expanded Carrier Selection entail?

Of course, the organisation around a flow of goods is nothing without a reliable carrier. These have to be companies that know everything about handling physical transports, but also about the paperwork involved. Knowledge of the means of transport, routes, systems and legal requirements; it is all equally important.

Expanded Carrier Selection at Fenix

Fenix only uses carriers that have proven themselves.

Expertise and punctuality alone are not enough. Fenix also sets high standards for sustainability. Before a company can call itself our partner, it must be established that they have the same green genes. To this end, we employ a Global Transportation Manager who oversees this through mandatory Carbon Footprint Reporting. We only have the one planet and we must take care of it. Enjoying nature is precisely what the whole Outdoor experience is about, right?

Phoenix Expanded Carrier Selection and your business

Would you like to take advantage of our knowledge and experience in Expanded Carrier Selection? For this too, Fenix is the ideal partner. With daily inbound and outbound shipments throughout the year, we can surely be of service to you in a number of areas. Contact our expert staff for a good discussion about the possibilities.


We provide transportation through all modalities such as air, rail, and road transport.

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