VAS (Value-added services)

Choose from a selection of possible services we can perform before your shipment is shipped to the customer.


About VAS

Shipments can be further specified through Value Added Services (VAS). We can take care of additional pre-shipment operations for you, such as:

  • Apply or insert labels & stickers of your choice
  • Fit boxes with ID and barcode labels
  • Portal operations
  • Specific packaging dimensions

 The exact composition and output of these operations will be discussed with you in advance.


One advantage of VAS is that your deliveries can be tailor made to a uniform appearance. For instance, you could receive boxes with dimensions that fit directly into your racks or can be placed directly into your shop display. This avoids time-consuming overpacking. The brand identity also remains unaffected, giving a premium look.

Time saving

With the proper box ID, you can immediately scan and book incoming goods. This avoids unnecessary search and entry work. Even when composing a return shipment, all the information is at hand with a single scan. Additional support regarding automation is also possible.


Applying stickers of your retail chain or other customisation is negotiable. Attaching brand tags, leaflets or other forms of supplied printed material can also be discussed. We can take this kind of time-consuming and demanding work off your hands. This way, you are completely relieved and your staff can focus on their core tasks.

Key Features

Fenix Outdoor Logistics was born in the outdoor sector and knows the industry like no other.


We are equipped for the specific requirements of clothing in terms of transport, storage and planning.


We aim to greatly reduce unnecessary transport movements and environmentally harmful packaging.


Our warehouses are dry, secure and stocks are checked daily.


By paying attention to people and well-being, we lay the foundation for a pleasant working atmosphere, which has a positive impact on the quality of our work.


We can also put our knowledge and experience to work for you. Fenix is happy to help your organisation take care of all logistics services.


Any box size can be processed.

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