Reverse Logistics

We can perform several services to ensure the items your customer wants to return are processed correctly.


About Reverse Logistics

Returns are a form of reverse logistics. Here, the process of goods delivery is reversed and the goods are returned to the supplier. This is a special form of order processing where, after inspection, the products are returned to stock or enter a separate route. This requires a tailor-made process.

Examples of reverse logistics

  • Return of goods by customers
  • Re-packing of products
  • Quality control of goods received
  • Contractually arranged returns of unsold goods by distribution partners
  • Reuse of packaging
  • Product repair
  • Communication on B2C return date, refund date or exchange processing date

We can provide all the above services for you. For B2B returns, we use the Manhattan SCALE WMS. The B2C return flow uses Easycom.

Key Features

Fenix Outdoor Logistics was born in the outdoor sector and knows the industry like no other.


We are equipped for the specific requirements of clothing in terms of transport, storage and planning.


We aim to greatly reduce unnecessary transport movements and environmentally harmful packaging.


Our warehouses are dry, secure and stocks are checked daily.


By paying attention to people and their well-being, we lay the foundation for a pleasant working atmosphere, which has a positive impact on the quality of our work.


We can also put our knowledge and experience to work for you. Fenix is happy to help your organisation take care of all logistics services.


This mainly depends on the size of the return shipment. 

This can be retrieved using the PowerBI tool.

Storage space and duration can be determined by mutual agreement.

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