Online yet personalised, with packaging and inserts to match your preference.


About E-commerce

E-commerce is a relatively new way of doing B2B and B2C business that is totally different from time-honoured methods. Although the earliest form of online purchasing dates back to the 1980s, the real breakthrough came only after the advent of commercial broadband internet. The technical developments of the past two decades helped make e-commerce a fully matured sales tool.

Our e-commerce fulfilment service covers all aspects: storage, picking, packing and transfer to carriers. To establish the fulfilment process, you decide which packaging materials you want us to use, which inserts are required and which carrier will deliver the order.

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The success of e-commerce is no surprise. After all, opening hours and parking facilities have become a thing of the past. The online world works day and night and from anywhere in the world. No more is needed than a computer or tablet with access to a digital portal. Online ordering and payment have become child’s play. This has had a major impact on the logistics world. The increase in transport, storage and transhipment made logistics more complex and dynamic. Specialists in this field, such as Fenix Outdoor, know how to expertly use their knowledge and experience, together with an enormous amount of useful data from the portals.

Key Features


Fenix Logistics was born in the outdoor sector and knows the industry like no other.

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We are geared to the specific requirements of apparel in terms of transport, storage and planning.


We aim to greatly reduce unnecessary transport movements and environmentally harmful packaging.


Our warehouses are dry, safe and stocks are checked daily.


By paying attention to people and their well-being, we lay the foundation for a pleasant working atmosphere, which has a positive influence on the quality of our work.


We can also put our knowledge and experience to work for you. Fenix will be happy to help your organisation take care of all logistics processes.


These can also be arranged by Fenix.

This needs to be coordinated with our IT department.

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