Supply Chain Planning Support

Keeping an overview of the many facets of the logistics chain is crucial.


What is Supply Chain Planning Support?

As the name suggests, this is all about supporting the planning process regarding various deliveries. Goods are constantly being moved, for example from the manufacturer to a warehouse, or even directly to the end customer. Also transports from one warehouse to another, often abroad.

Transport capacity, obstacles en route, capacity at the destination, all have to be taken into account. Something like this requires accurate planning, but also quick and clear communication. The information provided must be completely correct and available at the right place.

Supply Chain Planning Support at Fenix

Something like this requires experienced and dedicated people. Experts who know how to streamline planning schedules. That’s a confidence-building feeling. And because the world is not perfect, they also keep an eye on ongoing processes. That way, they quickly spot what is about to derail and can take immediate action. The next step is all about correcting and communicating to ensure the schedule is running smooth again.

Fenix Supply Chain Planning Support and your business

It goes without saying that Fenix’s knowledge and experience can also have a beneficial effect on your planning. Advice or complete unburdening, Fenix is happy to serve you. Contact our expert staff for a good discussion about Supply Chain Planning Support.


We can do inventory management for you, thereby creating optimal availability for your customers.

We can provide all modalities.

Through our PowerBI solutions, you can gain insight into the status of your shipment.

This is determined by the size of the relationship.

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