Customs Import and Export Declarations

For all your transports across EU borders.


Import and Export Declarations when crossing the EU borders

We can take care of import, export and transit declarations for you. This ensures that your imports, exports and re-exports can go across EU borders unhindered, and comply with the correct duties and taxes. Avoiding delays due to smooth border crossing is another form of worry-free logistics.

Goods classification

We can classify goods according to the harmonised nomenclature for the EU.

With the established codes as described in the harmonized goods nomenclature, you can accurately identify your product and check which tariffs and rules apply. It is a logical structure for classifying goods used by customs authorities around the world.

Preferential origin

The EU has concluded several trade agreements with countries outside the EU. These include the reduction or exemption of import duties on each other’s products called ‘granting preference’. The treaties state which products qualify for reduced or zero import duties.

When importing from partner countries, an importer enjoys this benefit, and an exporter can ensure that its non-EU customer qualifies for a reduction or exemption of import duties.

We have an Approved Exporter (AE) licence and can also act as Registered Exporter (REX) on behalf of our clients, or prepare the appropriate invoice declarations per country of destination, if required.

Key Features

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Education and training ensure up-to-date skills and knowledge.

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The years of experience of our consultants guarantee logistical balance.

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Fenix invests in people, modern technology and resources. This enables us to meet all logistics challenges.

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Fenix has over 17,000 m2 of safe storage space at key locations in the Netherlands.

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In addition to providing transport, storage and distribution, Fenix also provides Value Added Services on request.

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Our employees are experienced in various logistics processes.


We have all the expertise in-house to guide you through the customs process. 

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